Results Are In! – Fence Post Wind Testing

For many years timber posts have been used for paling fences around most states in Australia. Sadly, we have used up all the available old Red Gum and similar trees that had a life span up to 50 years. The more recent options like Cypress, younger or lower class Gum varieties have a shorter life span. Increasing scarcity of these has also caused pricing to rise sharply over the last few years and we expect that to continue.

Hence, the introduction of our own Hot Dip Galv (HDG) steel “W” Post…

The advantage of a steel post – especially HDG is that it will continue to perform at the same level even after many years in the ground. A timber post will gradually weaken with age.

In July ’19 we commissioned a series of load tests on our new “W” Post as well as the alternatives. The results show that the 3 varieties of post we sell for fencing (Mixed Gum, Cypress and the “W” Post) will withstand wind gusts well in excess of 100km/h which is more than we get around Melbourne, even on the strongest storm days.

Click here for the detailed report (coming soon)

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