Lifetime Pine 21st Birthday!

Blast from the Past

Lifetime Pine began in 1988 as part of Sunwood Treated Timber, which had treatment plants and sawing equipment in Dandenong South and St Marys (NSW).   It franchised Lifetime Pine as retail outlets for its product.  At one stage there were 7 Lifetime Pine stores.
The Lasky family became involved with Sunwood in July 1989, but finished up with outright ownership of the Bulleen store in 1994. Brian Lasky and Maher El Baba ran and improved the Bulleen business for the next 20 years. In 2016, we sold the Bulleen store to Romie El Baba, son of Maher.  The Bulleen store is now I Got Wood in Bayswater.
In 2000, Albert Toet resigned from corporate life and, after a year of working at Bulleen, he started a site search for a new store.  The chosen site was a 1970 m2 car park in Chesterville Rd Moorabbin, which was built and opened in August 2002.  Dan Singleton started in the first month of the business opening and became manager during 2003 – a position he still holds.
Moorabbin grew quickly and it became apparent that a bigger site would be required.  Another site search led to the purchase of our current 9000m2 site in Cochranes Rd. which we built and moved to in June 2016.

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