Treated Pine H3 Paling 150 x 12 x 1.2

$2.15 Each

• Treated Pine Palings are a low cost option for cladding a boundary fence
• This item is 150mm x 12mm Thick and 1.2mtr high.
• Would typically be used as part of a low fence section in the front yard,
• Other lengths available up to 2.4mtr
• The common method in Victoria is to use 150mm palings as base, 50mm apart
• That gap is covered with 100 mm palings giving a 25mm overlap
• So 5 of each paling will cover 1 metre
• TP Palings are made from the heartwood of Radiata Pine
• Chemically treated to H3 (above ground) level usually with CCA

For more information call 9555 5569.

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