Folding 3 Part Decorative Screens 1800 x 440 Jungle

$150.00 Each

• 1800mm x 440mm 3 part folding decorative art panel by Sekit in “Jungle” design.
• Available with painted surface.
• Built with a unique steel box frame on the back, making them superior in strength and stability.
• Extremely versatile product that can be used for a wide range of applications (eg. Screening, a backdrop, a statement piece)
• The painted finish can easily be high pressure cleaned and repainted to create either a refreshed or new look.
• This is a high quality fit-for-purpose product that can withstand harsh Australian conditions.
• Can be used as a cover for your hot water system or other eyesores around your home – can easily be moved to gain access to the unit.
• Both sides of the panel are painted so this screen is suited to one-sided or double-sided display.
• Although the panel is painted with high quality outdoor paint, it will fade and change over time with long term exposure to the elements.
• If you wish to maintain the initial look, the panel should be sealed and resealed periodically with an outdoor metal sealer similar to Incralac or Penetrol.

For more information call 9555 5569.

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