Dynabolt 10 x 60

$0.80 Each

• The DynaBolt/Sleeve Anchor is a medium duty, torque controlled, expansion anchor, with an integrated pull-down section, designed for medium duty anchoring of timber and steel fixtures to concrete, brick or block.
• The DynaBolt™ Plus patented expansion sleeve closes gaps of up to 5mm, pulling down on the fixture to induce clamp load and provide improved security.
• 10mm Diameter will require an 10mm Masonry drill bit
• 60mm length mean the depth of the hole plus the item being fixed will total 60mm
• Zinc Plated Steel components
• Tap the bolt into the hole and fix with the nut
• Note: If there is a problem once tightened, the bolt will need to be drilled out

For more information call 9555 5569.

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