Treated Pine Sleeper/Plinth 200 x 50 Long 3.9m to 6.0m

$8.00 Metre

• Treated Pine Sleepers are generally used for retaining walls, garden beds or as a fencing plinth with retaining properties and in ground treatment.
• This item’s dimensions are 200mm x 50mm. Apart from the standard length sleepers up to 3.6m we specialise in longer lengths up to 6m
• Currentl;y we have 4.2, 4.8, 5.4 and 6.0m lengths available but this may vary so best to check
• TP Sleepers are made from the heartwood of Radiata Pine
• The green wood is kiln / air dried to ensure treatment penetration.
• Treatment is with CCA to H4 level, “in-ground use”.

For more information call 9555 5569.

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