Klevaklip Joist Connector 45 45

$2.80 Each

• Klevaklip Brand Joist Connector
• This joist connector is designed to attach 45mm width joists to 45mm width bearers
• Make from Nylon 6 Engineering Polymer • Strong, tough, good UV stability
• Keeps your joists dry and prevents moisture-initiated degradation of joists and bearers caused by skew nailing
• Allows you to lay out joists standing in position, simply (gun) nail them off in one operation
• Unlike Triple-grip type products, the Joist Connector allows fixing to and stabilizes both sides of your joists to your bearer
• Helps prevent long term squeaking problems when used on internal floor joists
• Will not rust – can be used in any harsh environment
• Aesthetic design • looks good when the underneath of your deck or pergola is exposed
• Can be painted without problems of paint adherence

For more information call 9555 5569.

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